Clear Channel Airports Awarded 10-Year Contract with Portland International Jetport

Sept. 10, 2018

Clear Channel Airports (CCA) announced Sept. 10,  that it was awarded a 10-year contract with Portland International Jetport (PWM). This win extends a partnership that began with the city in 1995. The new agreement will provide the latest digital out-of-home (OOH) technology to upgrade existing media, grow airport revenue and reach highly sought after business and frequent leisure travelers through new captivating advertising solutions.

PWM is Maine’s largest and busiest airport with 2018 on pace to set an annual passenger traffic record by exceeding 2 million passengers for the first time. Total traffic is up by 11 percent through July 2018. As the largest city in Maine, Portland’s tourism industry plays a key role in economic growth in the region. Downtown Portland, located only five miles from the jetport, is home to the city’s historic seacoast town offering travelers easy access to the waterfront, art galleries, classic cuisine and the city’s eclectic coastal culture. Further, with its daily non-stop connections to every east coast hub, PWM is the primary connection to the world air transportation system for business travelers headquartered in the area.

“As Maine’s largest and fastest growing airport, we take pride in our region and believe PWM must support a sense of place that is uniquely Portland and Maine. We’ll use this new media program as part of our vision for the future, which supports innovative approaches to meeting our customer and business partner needs, said Paul Bradbury, Airport Director. “We’re confident the renewed partnership with Clear Channel Airports will enhance the ability of our advertising partners to reach our growing traveler base through the introduction of immersive new digital media.”

For the first time, PWM’s media program will feature terminal-wide digital advertising offerings, making it more efficient for local, regional and national brands to engage with the airport’s record-setting number of passengers. This establishes a more unified media program and family of assets across PWM’s entire campus, including the recent terminal expansions and upgrades.

The new network will include impactful, interactive LED video walls and a vertical digital LCD network.

These new innovations within PWM underscore a growing trend as airports work to create an overall sense of place for consumers that reflects the local environs. Moreover, as frequent leisure and business travelers increasingly view their departure and arrival gates as a destination unto itself, the new media program leverages coveted dwell time to help brands reach this audience in ways that drive economic growth for the airport.

Further demonstrating the power of airport advertising, a recent Nielsen Study commissioned by CCA, reveals frequent flyers are highly responsive to this place based media, with 80 percent of travelers noticing the ads and 42 percent taking action that includes visiting a website, going to a store or learning more about a product/brand/service. More specifically, airport campaigns are a significant driver of foot traffic, with 84 percent of frequent fliers likely to visit a restaurant, 50 percent likely to visit a clothing/accessories/jewelry store and 41 percent likely to visit a consumer electronics store. The presence of such an engaged and receptive audience makes airports, like PWM, an optimal location for brand advertisements.

“The landscape of airports has evolved significantly from the transactional touch and go of departure and arrivals, to a desirable environment that demands first class innovation,” said Morten Gotterup, President, Clear Channel Airports. “With annual passenger count on the rise, and PWM serving as a gateway to Maine, this is an essential location for advertisers to engage with consumers. And with this new media build out, we’ll curate an environment where brands can thrive even more, and one that consumers will love.”