iinside and Quanergy Partner to Deliver LiDAR-Based Smart Motion Analytics to Airports

July 10, 2018

iinside on July 10, announced that it has partnered with Quanergy Systems Inc. to offer airports a more advanced approach for monitoring, analyzing, predicting and optimizing passenger flows through airports.

As a result of the partnership, airport operators now have access to a powerful combination of Quanergy’s LiDAR accuracy and predictive motion analytics in an easy-to-use cloud solution. Utilizing iinside’s newest smart motion analytics, management can automatically generate key operating metrics for improving passenger experiences and airport efficiencies.

Utilizing LiDAR, a 3D imaging technology best known for its application in autonomous vehicles, airports can observe, in real-time, the flow of passengers through their facilities. This technology, which uses safe, invisible laser beams to detect objects both in motion and at rest, is more accurate than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-based indoor location technology and better at safeguarding passenger identities than stereoscopic cameras. Airport operators gain a 360-degree view while deploying fewer sensors than required for camera-based solutions, making installation much less expensive.

“A LiDAR-based approach to monitoring passenger traffic at airports is not only more precise, but it’s also more discreet than video technology,” said Sam Kamel, President and CEO of iinside. “With LiDAR, we can observe 100 percent of passenger flows while fully protecting identities as the system converts position information to anonymous 3D point cloud data. We’re proud to be safeguarding passenger identities while providing the most precise and smartest solution for airports on the market.”

Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensor is designed to provide the highest level of performance, reliability, durability and dependability required in persistently crowded environments such as airports. A single Quanergy M8 sensor can capture the exact coordinates and velocity of every person within 30,000 square meters. Unlike stereoscopic cameras which require ideal lighting conditions (minimal ambient light, enough lighting to see) and have a narrow field of view, Quanergy LiDAR sensors can operate in challenging lighting conditions and their accuracy is not affected by incoming sunlight through windows or by poor lighting conditions.

“Quanergy’s strategic partnership with iinside enables us to bring LiDAR-based security monitoring to airports, which will result in a drastic improvement in the overall traveler experience,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO of Quanergy. “As more airport operators realize the need for technologically advanced security solutions, they will find that LiDAR-based systems are the most effective and cost-efficient way to maintain a safe and secure travel environment while providing airport patrons with the best possible quality of service.”

iinside’s analytics platform integrates data from Quanergy sensors to provide insights that improve the passenger journey, enhance airport operations and empower travelers through its API Travel Time platform. Its visual analytics help airport operations act upon data-driven insights that improve efficiency and increase traveler satisfaction. iinside is also delivering innovative solutions in partnership with airports to create new ‘time-to-gate’ use cases for travelers and new opportunities for airports to generate non-aeronautical revenue.