Tensator Launches New Low-Profile Tensabarrier Base

Dec. 14, 2017

Tensator is calling on airports to improve accessibility for all passengers and visitors, regardless of physical ability or age.

Citing mobility challenges, sight problems, the elderly, or parents with pushchairs as often-forgotten demographics of traveller, Tensator believes that layouts of current airports do not always adequately cater for all.

In response, a new low-profile Universal base for the Tensabarrier has been launched. It has been developed with the lowest leading edge on the market, measuring just a few millimetres in height, ensuring accessibility is not compromised, even in areas where space is limited.

The base allows wheels to pass over the edge more easily, improving accessibility for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, pushchairs and luggage trolleys wheelchair-users to pass over the edges more easily. This reduces the risk of trips and falls for everyone, including those who are visually impaired, use a mobility aid or have pushchairs or luggage trolleys in tow.

Kevin Hickson, general manager at Tensator, explains how accessibility is not just a question of adhering to the Equality Act 2010 – it is about ensuring everyone has a positive experience.

“People who have limited mobility or sight problems often find public places intimidating because of the obstacles they could encounter, particularly when they are crowded. This low-profile base aims to minimise these issues as far as possible, so that customers with mobility issues are not at a disadvantage when travelling.

“We believe that access for all should come as standard, rather than being an added extra, and this low base has been developed to reflect that.”

He added that the adaptation to the Tensabarrier, which is already being used in a variety of transport environments, has received positive feedback during testing by disability focus groups in both the UK and US:

“We were pleased to hear that service-users at a disability charity found it much easier to negotiate with a wheelchair or white cane compared to conventional systems.

“There are so many reasonable adjustments that can be made to ensure everyone is able to access any part of an airport. Recognising this and knowing there are solutions out there, such as the Tensabarrier that creates accessibility for all, is the first step in ensuring all passengers have the same positive experience.”

Tensator’s low-profile base is available in a range of finishes. Designed to be highly adaptable, it can be used with any barrier that is compatible with a Universal base.