Sloan Commits to Carbon Neutral Commercial Restroom Products

Nov. 8, 2017

Sloan has issued a series of carbon-free products in an effort to reduce the impacts its products have on the environment.

Based on recent Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) research with SCS Global Services — an international leader in third-party environmental certification — Sloan was not only able to publish a full disclosure of material toxins and environmental impacts, but identify exactly how much carbon is embedded in its products.

Sloan is now proud to offset its products’ carbon usage with forestry credits through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, a leader in providing nature-based solutions to sequester emissions. According to the U.S. Forest Service, forests, as a whole, sequester approximately 10-20 percent of the country’s emissions annually, and provide options such as improved water and air quality that other carbon offset options cannot.

“Sloan recognizes and takes seriously its responsibility to take care of our planet,” said Patrick Boyle, director of corporate sustainability at Sloan. “We put forth a lot of effort to run our products through the EPD programs. To now not only provide more transparency to our customers, but to also eliminate the carbon footprint for our products is a great win for us.”

“This is a big step for the industry,” said Keith Killpack, lifecycle assessment practitioner at SCS. “Sloan has historically been a leader in sustainability and water efficiency and its progression beyond EPDs and HPDs continues to push the envelope.”