Boise Airport Uses Solar Power for Hot Water System

Aug. 22, 2017

The Boise Airport has begun using solar power to provide hot water for a portion of the airport. The switch to solar will reduce fossil fuel use and airport emissions.

“Reducing the City of Boise’s energy footprint is a priority across all of our operations,” said Boise Mayor David Bieter. “As with most things it does, the Boise Airport is helping to lead the way in this arena. Efforts like these help ensure the sustainability of our operations and match perfectly with the values and expectations of Boiseans.”

The solar project was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Voluntary Airport Low Emissions program, better known as VALE. The nearly $190,000 VALE grant covered the majority of construction costs.

“This is a pilot project for the Boise Airport”, said airport director Rebecca Hupp. “While the majority of solar projects produce electricity, this one will produce heat for hot water. The system was built so it could be easily expanded in the future. One day, the entire hot water system at the Boise Airport could be converted to solar energy.”

The system currently produces water for locations prior to the security checkpoint. Excess hot water that is produced can then be piped throughout the airport in the colder months to assist with heating the airport.