Universal Security Staff Get Active Shooter Training at O'Hare

Nov. 28, 2016

Universal Security Staff working at Chicago O'Hare and Chicago Midway Airports recently received advanced Active Shooter Response training from Archway Defense.  Guards have been trained to identify, respond, and mitigate acts of terrorism along with Active Shootings in the aviation sector.

Threats and violence directed at transportation networks worldwide has increased the need for this type of Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Event Training.  Universal Security hired Archway Defense to conduct the training over the past few months.  Archway's founder, Peter Johnson, a former Air Marshal and Air Force Veteran, developed the curriculum specifically for aviation security guards working with Universal Security. 

The desire for this enhanced training was directed by Universal Security's CEO Mark Lundgren, due to the growing concern of terrorism and active shootings like the recent Active Shooter at LAX International Airport (2013), the Brussels Airport Terrorist Attack (2016), and an overall increase in the concern for the safety of the traveling public.

After the training, one security guard with 9 years of experience is quoted as saying,"The class helped us to understand why it is important to [be] security officers."  Another guard with 2.5 years experience said, "Overall [the] training was excellent." Universal Security is proud to invest invaluable training that exceeds any industry requirements in order to better protect the guards, the airports, and the general public.  

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