Peerless-AV Introduces New SmartMount Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount

Aug. 3, 2016

Peerless-AV introduced the new SmartMount Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount (DS-VW775).

The latest addition to the SmartMount DS-VW line, the Supreme Mount, featuring new lateral micro-adjustments and convenient pop-out serviceability, is both lighter and easier to install and service than ever before. The Supreme Mount was designed with integrators and end-users in mind to provide a solution that minimizes installation time and associated costs.

Tech enhancements featured within the Supreme Mount tool-less micro adjustments for 1.5" of travel on each of the X, Y and Z axes. With the Supreme Mount, displays are aligned while tedious calculations and onsite guesswork are eliminated for installers. The Supreme Mount offers reusable display-dedicated wall plate spacers, which can be used for both portrait and landscape applications. Additionally, the Supreme Mount is 25 percent lighter in comparison to previous models, making it easier to hang.

“As the leading digital signage mount provider, we are continuously looking for ways to improve upon our solutions and save installers and customers time and money,” said Brian McClimans, vice president of global business development, Peerless-AV. “With the new Supreme Full Service Video Wall Mount, we are offering an option that is not only lighter and easier to install, but one that makes serviceability, particularly in recessed wall applications, simpler thanks to a unique quick release pop-out lever, a feature no other universal mount on the market has.”

The Supreme Mount ensures a clean aesthetic with enhanced cable management featuring new tabs on the scissor arms that control cables, allowing them to effortlessly travel in and out with the display. For ease of service, the mount is equipped with a single hand pop-out quick release function on the bottom and top of the mount. This allows installers easy access to displays in recessed applications that would otherwise be restricted, reducing the risk ofdisplay damage or searching for hidden pull strings.