Westfield Pilots New Program at BOS

July 25, 2016

Customers at Boston Logan International Airport are enjoying a more efficient, personalized journey this summer with the introduction of a digital pilot program from Westfield that offers customized retail and dining recommendations, live queue times and an enhanced way for customers to navigate the airport.

Westfield’s pilot program offers customers a fun, engaging way to plan their journey and manage their time in Terminal C, including live queue times at popular HMSHost-operated coffee establishments. The pilot, installed as part of Westfield’s digital initiative, puts the power of information in the hands of customers by helping to personalize their journey based on how much time they’ll have before departing, what gate they’re departing from and their destination. Customers receive tailored recommendations on where to shop, dine and relax depending on how much time they have before their flight.

“The overall airport experience is based on the customer’s physical and digital journey,” said Dominic Lowe, Executive Vice President, Westfield. “We’re piloting this technology to test and learn how to enhance the overall airport experience and give customers the power of information to help personalize their journey.”

In collaboration with HMSHost, customers will now have real-time information based on queue time data that estimates how quickly they’ll move through lines at dining destinations. The technology is being tested at popular HMSHost-operated coffee establishments in Terminal C.

“When we work together to provide customers an enhanced experience, everybody benefits,” said HMSHost Vice President of Innovation Jim Schmitz. “This pilot helps make the airport experience more efficient and less stressful. That’s something the airport, the airlines and customers can all get behind.”

The technology comes from Westfield Labs, Westfield’s digital and innovation hub headquartered in San Francisco. Westfield Labs, which was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company magazine, develops and pilots new technologies that converge digital and physical experiences.

The technology, which will be accessible through Westfield’s digital directories, features a number of additional features:

  • Scan your boarding pass barcode and receive personalized information along with turn-by-turn directions. 
  • Search, browse and be routed to retail shops, dining and airport services.
  • Viewable in five languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Japanese.
  • Making the experience more inviting and humanistic, Westfield’s interactive digital directories feature an eye-catching design that encourages users to approach and engage. Each station has two screens for separate user experiences and is also ADA accessible.