UK Airport Parking Sees High Yields

May 18, 2016

An assured 8 percent return on investment, rising to a predicted 12 percent, is almost unheard of in the current economic climate, yet that is exactly what shrewd investors in one of the UK's hottest growth areas are enjoying.

Across the UK, major airports are experiencing unprecedented growth in passenger numbers and with that growth comes an increased demand for high quality, trusted and secure car parking close to those airports. Imagine if you could own a piece of one of those car parks, and benefit financially from the demand to park there.

Existing investors who were quick to see this remarkable opportunity are now already in year three and have seen their predicted yield confirmed at 10 percent and assured at that level for years three and four of their investment plan.

One such investor is Brian Pendrich, of Northumberland. Having retired from a senior position with the National Grid, Brian was looking for a secure investment which would yield a healthy return for himself and his wife Muriel. After working hard for many years to build a nest egg for their retirement, they wanted that money to start working for them.

"All our other investments, whether in shares or ISAs, have produced really disappointing returns over the period I've been investing in them. In the current situation ─ with low interest rates producing very low returns on any other investment ─ this airport parking investment is a good one."

After researching online, Brian and Muriel decided to invest by purchasing a car parking space at one of Park First's thriving Glasgow off-airport car parks.

"I was looking for a home for our money which would not only bring some better returns for us," explained Brian, "but also in an industry which was going to be a growth area, and I don't think car parks are going to be closing down any time soon.

"We are now into year three of the investment and the yield has increased to 10 oercent so we're very pleased with the returns that we're getting."

Seeking to make the most of their time now that they are retired, Brian and Muriel were also looking for an investment which would require minimal management on their part.

"The nice thing about this particular investment is that all of the legwork is being done for us," said Brian.

Initially Brian and Muriel looked on their investment as a medium-term plan, but having experienced how it works they now see it as a longer-term option and one they would look to renew and enhance in the future.

"I would certainly invest again and have no hesitation in recommending it to any friends or family who are similarly looking for a good home for their investment," added Brian.

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