Sloan Introduces Hybrid Retrofit Urinal

March 21, 2016

Sloan has added a new Hybrid Retrofit Urinal to its collection of high-efficiency products that cut water use and make it easy to replace existing urinals — both traditional flushing and waterfree styles.

The new model, HYB-1000-RET, offers all the features of the Sloan Hybrid Urinal, including maximum LEED credits, minimal water and sewage costs and automatic drain rinsing. 

The Hybrid Retrofit Urinal comes with a kit consisting of five parts that utilizes the water supply of an existing flushing urinal to feed the Jetrinse Solution Technology drain purging feature. The gooseneck tailpiece adapter mounts to the existing control stop of a flushometer. Sloan engineers created the adapter so that replacing a conventional flushing urinal is a familiar process for plumbers.

Like the original Sloan Hybrid Urinal, the Hybrid Retrofit Urinal uses Jetrinse Solution Technology, designed by Falcon Waterfree Technologies. Jetrinse uses a water “purge” that rinses the drain line every 72 hours to prevent clogs and odor-causing build up. This feature eliminates bucket dump and bottle-brush cleaning associated with waterfree and traditional urinals.

And property managers, building maintenance/plumbing directors and sustainability managers will love its high-efficiency: Each Hybrid Retrofit Urinal uses only about 100 gallons of water per year, regardless of the number of users.

“Sloan Hybrid Retrofit Urinals are a great alternative to waterfree urinals as they consume zero water for flushing and ensure proper maintenance with minimal water usage,” says Patrick Boyle, director of corporate sustainability at Sloan. “Billions of gallons of potable water are used every year to flush urinals in the United States. This green-building, retrofit version offers reduced natural resource consumption, enhanced user hygiene and cost savings on water, sewage and maintenance—improving the bottom line and return on investment.”