Slime Trail in German Airport Leads Customs to Over 90 Giant Snails

Sept. 16, 2022

Dusseldorf, Germany — The slime trail of a giant snail measuring 20 centimetres led customs officials at Germany's Dusseldorf airport to 92 other snails.

Customs officers initially mistook the enormous snail for a toy - until it moved.

"Its trail led to a hole in a piece of luggage from Nigeria, from which the head of a second giant snail was already protruding," a customs spokesman said in the western German city on Friday.

The luggage had not been collected. It was addressed to a shop specializing in African products in the Ruhr area.

The live giant snails did not belong to any protected species and were probably brought to Germany as a delicacy. During transport, however, veterinary regulations and animal welfare had been violated, the spokesman said.

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