Myrtle Beach Airport Offers Some of the Cheapest Flights in U.S.

May 9, 2022

Myrtle Beach International Airport offers the cheapest flights in South Carolina and is the seventh-most affordable airport in the entire nation, according to a new report.

The average fare for a flight to or from Myrtle Beach’s airport, MYR, is $205, more than $100 cheaper than its next closest competitor in South Carolina, Charleston, according to a report from NetCredit, a financial services firm that looked at data on hundreds of airports around the country from the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

It’s yet another accolade for Myrtle Beach in the region’s never-ending quest to be the most affordable beach town in America.

“Many of us default to the biggest airports when searching for flight deals. But prices vary even between the big commercial hubs, and you can often find a cheaper or quicker option nearby,” NetCredit said in its report.

Here are the average fares at the other airports serving South Carolinians and their rank among airports across the U.S, according to NetCredit.

  • Charleston (#55): $305
  • Columbia (#129): $385
  • Greenville (#121): $361
  • Savannah/ Hilton Head (#41): $293

For comparison, here are the average fares at some of North Carolina’s airports.

  • Wilmington (#125): $374
  • Charlotte (#89): $330

The average cost for a flight in South Carolina as a whole is $333. North Carolina is slightly cheaper with an average cost of $330, according to the report.

The cost of a flight to or from Myrtle Beach is less than half that of the most expensive airport in America — Huntsville, Alabama ($456) — but is nearly double that of the cheapest airport in the country — Atlantic City, New Jersey ($108).

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