NE: 35 Airplanes at Holdrege Soon Will Become 38 with New ‘Badly Needed’ Hangar

March 6, 2018

HOLDREGE — Construction recently began on a new hangar at Holdrege’s airport, Brewster Field.

The airport houses 35 planes, and there is a waiting list for space in the hangars. The new hangar will provide room for three more aircraft and will be finished this spring.

“The airport is an integral part of our business community. There are recreational pursuits out there, but by and large the aircraft that are home-based out there are for business purposes, and we’ve got a busy airport,” said Ron Tillery, Phelps County Development Corp. executive director. “With the new hangar, that’s driven by demand. They are not building a spec building, so to speak. It’s because it’s badly needed.”

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