Baldwin Enhances SMS Offerings With Just Culture Certification

March 28, 2014
Sunshine McCarthy will assist organizations by encouraging communication and the reporting of mistakes or failures to accommodate for organizational learning without fear of reprisal or punishment.

Hilton Head Island, SC--Baldwin Aviation Safety & Compliance, the leading developer and implementer of business aviation safety management systems (SMS) and programs, has added a new dimension to the training, surveys and assessments it conducts on behalf of its customers with the Just Culture certification of the firm's Director of Training, Sunshine McCarthy.  Certified through Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Certification Program, Ms. McCarthy will assist organizations by encouraging communication and the reporting of mistakes or failures to accommodate for organizational learning without fear of reprisal or punishment.

"As part of our ongoing efforts to assist our clients in this process of doing effective and objective self-assessments we have continually encountered an emphasis on transparency and open communication at all levels of the organization--what might be called the 'don't shoot the messenger' mentality.   Those are the basic tenants of the Just Culture model.  It just made sense for us to add this element to what we offer as we work with our clients so we're pleased that Sunshine McCarthy has completed the Just Culture certification process.  She is obviously well-equipped to integrate this into our assessment process and to provide training to our customers, as well," explained Don Baldwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Baldwin Aviation. 

"When dealing with high risk operations, it's imperative that their employees understand that what we are calling a 'just culture' is not as simple as it seems," explained Ms. McCarthy.  "It is sometimes hard to recognize that what may be an unintentional and seemingly harmless activity can drift into the category of hazardous behavior.  It's important for all employees and management to realize that reporting shortcomings or minor mishaps won't be met with negative consequences, but rather viewed as opportunities for learning. When such instances are ignored they can create risk.  It's like driving over the speed limit.  It's seemingly harmless in most circumstances, but ignoring it can lead to a situation that's unintentional but significant.  It can happen without even thinking but it has the potential to become reckless and even dangerous.  The same thing happens in the workplace.  With proper training and awareness we can create a culture where people feel OK about reporting things they've seen or done.  When we recognize those things and gain full participation from employees, we have the opportunity to fix potential problems before they become serious," she added.

Baldwin already provides their clients a custom Safety Culture survey for in-depth assessment.  For more information on Just Culture training and assessment, Baldwin Aviation can be reached by calling 843.342.5434 or via e-mail at [email protected].

About Baldwin Aviation

Headquartered in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Baldwin Aviation was the first implementer to achieve IS-BAO registration in 2007 followed by Stage II in 2010.  Baldwin was the 1st IS-BAO registered Safety Support Affiliate in 2012 and successfully passed a Stage III audit in 2013.  Its staff combines more than a century of business aviation experience to offer valuable safety programs, mentoring, and support to ground operations, maritime, rotary and fixed wing flight organizations, regardless of size. Its products also include a range of programs designed for flight department startups and support programs for evolving flight organizations. Visit for more information. 

Don Baldwin, who is a former chairman of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Board of Directors, leads the firm’s highly experienced staff of experts.  They have combined their expertise to develop Safety Management Systems and Flight Data Monitoring programs (FOQA/FDM/FDA) that are based on proven techniques, established resources, and consistent monitoring of client operations.  Baldwin Aviation also offers a 24-hour help line, JetDesk™, to provide round the clock counsel and assistance to their clients. Visit for more information.