2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Chris Groh

Dec. 19, 2023
Senior Project Manager, Kutchins & Groh, LLC and Newhouse & Associates

A senior project manager at Kutchins & Groh, LLC, Chris Groh likes financial puzzles.

He has developed complex funding plans for new terminal and major capital programs consisting of dozens of federal, state and local funding sources.

“It ends up being a big spreadsheet puzzle, and it all makes sense at the end,” said Groh, describing what he enjoys most about his work.

He also leads financial negotiations with airlines, rental car companies and concessionaires and helps create multi-year capital development plans.

He is known for researching business tactics, technology and communication, and policy, then sharing this information with other business leaders.

In Louisiana, he worked to help pass a state law legalizing design-build as a construction delivery method for air traffic control tower and hangar projects. The law introduced in 2023 could be especially helpful to get airport assets up and running quicker after a hurricane.

He also offers consultation through Newhouse and Associates and is member of AAAE and TRB, where he has moderated several panels involving topics such as accessible universal design at airports, industry workforce development, and exploring additional funding opportunities outside traditional grants. During the 2024 TRB annual meeting, Groh will also moderate a panel focused on hydrogen development at airports.

Airports must diversify their funding strategies, they’re not going to get what they need from federal funds alone, he said, adding, “It’s just not feasible. There are other sources out there that airports could potentially tap – even outside of transportation. Not all airports realize that. Their existence in the community is a lot bigger than serving airplanes and there’s economic impact attached to it. There’s also future growth, which all tie to a bigger role for airports other than just a place where planes land.”

That, he said goes back to the puzzle of it all.