2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Scott S. Shillieto, PE

Dec. 19, 2023
eMobility Lead, McFarland-Johnson, Inc.

Scott S. Shillieto, PE, is a leader in the field of electric vehicle charging and e-mobility. He is McFarland-Johnson’s program manager for Avis Budget’s Electric Charging Station Program, which involves the installation of a projected 1,800 chargers at 115 airports. He also has been instrumental in forming McFarland Johnson’s (MJ's) e-Mobility practice and serves as MJ’s hands-on airport electrification infrastructure project manager.

Shillieto prides himself on educating airports and consultants about the projected EV charging power demand of rental car fleets and advanced air mobility. 

“Airports stand on the cutting edge of our global goals for the decarbonization of our environment. With that comes the electrification of our passenger vehicles and subsequently the rental car fleets, which will see the quickest adaptation of EVs,” he said.

Shillieto encourages airports to take a holistic approach and analyze their entire facility, and how much power is required now and potentially in 10 years.

“The amount of electrical power required, if we continue down this road, will be impressive and potentially overwhelming, and planning to support that effort cannot start soon enough,” he said.
His message about advanced air mobility is “don’t be resistant to this change, embrace it and figure out how your airport can best accommodate it, as your airport space is already well-equipped for adapting to this new technology.”

At McFarland-Johnson for over a decade, Shillieto has experience in the design and inspection of aviation projects at commercial and GA facilities. He has assisted on airport design and planning projects, completing tasks that included runway and taxiway layout, drainage design, quantity takeoffs, estimating, pavement design, geometric design, lighting and signing.