2022 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Regan A. Schnug, AICP

Dec. 13, 2022
Regan Schnug, Aviation Practice Builder, Kimley-Horn
Regan Schnug, Aviation Practice Builder, Kimley-Horn

Regan Schnug is an aviation practice builder for Kimley-Horn. She has served as a project manager on numerous and diverse projects from statewide aviation system plans to economic impact studies, airport land use planning and development and numerous airport research projects.

“Being able to play a role in advancing how airports operate individually and also a system of airports is fascinating and something that I love about my job,” she said. “I love being able to say I helped an airport justify a project or help a state department of transportation understand what they need to spend in the next 20 years to keep their aviation system viable.”

With a solid urban planning foundation, Schnug has wide-ranging knowledge of land use policy, regional planning, and smart growth techniques that benefits her aviation clients. Her skillset includes experience in the use of geographic information systems (GIS), data analysis, planning methods and the development and management of airport master plans, airport layout plans, state aviation system plans, airport zoning plans and ordinances, and airport land use compatibility and other airport-related guidebooks.

Schnug has also been involved in numerous other ACRP projects, from serving as principal investigator to contract manager, contributing author, and panel chair on a range of topics from irregular operations contingency planning (Report 65), to support for new airport capacity (Report 85), through-the-fence operations (Report 114), aligning community expectations with airport roles (WebResource 1), state aviation system planning (Report 244), and performance measures (Report 223).

Most recently Schnug led or contributed to numerous state aviation system plans and/or economic impact studies for state aviation agencies in South Dakota, West Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Minnesota, Washington, Florida, Arizona and Idaho. She is nearing completion on a combined system plan/economic impact study for Indiana and a comprehensive economic analysis for Pennsylvania, as well as leading an ACRP synthesis on the communication and implementation of airport economic impact studies.

Schnug is also assisting the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids with land use planning and zoning as part of the broader Master Plan Update.

She’s is an active member of industry organizations and committees including NASAO, TRB, and ACRP, and has enjoyed guest lecturing at The Ohio State University’s Center for Aviation Studies. 

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