Airport Safety, Sanycar Announces a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the British Company UV-Technology Global

May 4, 2020

Sanycar announces that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with UV Technology Global. The two companies will join efforts to develop new sanitation and disinfection solutions based on UV-C technology tailored to high-traffic-density and high-contamination-risk settings, such as airports, supermarkets, hospitals and public buildings.

UV Technology Global, a Liverpool-based company and European leader in the UV-C market, will contribute its decades-long experience on four continents to the new and ambitious project, together with a dedicated team of specialists.

Gianni Delogu, founder and CTO of Sanycar, commented: "The strategic alliance with UV-Technology Global will significantly strengthen our ability to reach new vertical and geographic markets, and to develop cutting-edge solutions for our customers all over the world."