Newest Innovation in Hydraulic Doors Showcasing at EAA AirVenture

July 22, 2014
The door itself functions like a robotic arm with a fluid lift and swing motion. A model door in full operation will be at AirVenture at booth 4100 and 4101.

When the AirSide Door team decided to launch their new brand of hydraulic lift doors, they decided that EAA AirVenture in OshKosh was the place to be. The AirSide team, based out of Florida, and comprised of engineers, designers, installers, fabricators, and door specialists, put together an innovative design over the course of a year. A great deal of energy was spent in research and development for the connection system that opens the door.

“This design is unlike any other system currently on the market,” states Gary Bergstrom, Director of Sales. “When I was first retained by the company, much of my time was spent dealing with warranty issues on other systems our team had installed. One of our valued clients, with multiple FBOs, nationwide, asked us to design a hydraulic door system that was operationally functional and required less maintenance with minimal call backs. We started to take a hard look at the types of call backs we were receiving on the systems we had installed. The AirSide team began to identify key areas in how a new design approach for hangar doors could be improved.” Bergstrom states, “Our goal was to design the best hangar door in the world; a hangar door that we could install and that wouldn’t require constant maintenance, a door that we could be proud of. Simply stated, HydraLink is just that."

“One of the biggest challenges we faced,” states Carl Petrat, president of AirSide, “was the fact that our team was commissioned by this client to design one of the largest hydraulic doors ever manufactured with spans of 160 feet and an open height of 35 feet. That’s a big system to design”, says Carl, “however, I knew it was an undertaking my team could handle”.

The door itself functions like a robotic arm with a fluid lift and swing motion.

Emil Straubel, Sales Engineer, is really excited about the powered control units and options that are available for AirSide’s customers. “The system we have designed can include a fully monitored touch screen program, located on the control panel, which provides our customers an exterior live video feed of the door while in motion. If you’re inside the building, you can see if there is anything obstructing the door prior to opening it up.” Emil goes on to mention, “We are in a position to offer our customers a product that can be operated with the push of a button or the swipe of a finger. In today’s technologically advanced world; the market is seeing an increased demand for more automated and computerized systems. Our touch screen controller is the only production unit on the market that has live feed video capabilities. This is a hydraulic door with all the bells and whistles, “says Straubel.

“Our wireless remote is the only FCC approved system for airport operations. It is a wireless digital control system that gives the operator the ability and the luxury of opening the door from up to 300 feet away either from the inside or outside of the building. Essentially you can open this door from the runway,” states Straubel.

The AirSide team is offering another feature that would simplify the job of multi-unit facility management. A simple push button system for multiple hangars can be installed so one control unit can open multiple hangar doors. “We’ve listened to what our customer’s needs are and we have the ability to offer various upgrades and features that will assist them in managing their facilities more efficiently,” states Bergstrom.

Straubel points out that the AirSide team scoured the industry for manufacturing partners that would provide top notch components and hydraulics that could meet the design needs of HydraLink®. “We created an Airside Balance Control for the hydraulic system with the option of computer feedback. The computer feedback has sensors on the door itself to relay data back to the control unit which in turn, keeps the door perfectly level during operation. Other hydraulic powered doors are not utilizing this technology, “states Straubel. AirSide offers a 12Volt battery back-up for the HydraLink® system. During a power outage, the system can run on a 12 Volt battery pack.

Taylor Petrat, Operations Manager is gearing up for a heavy demand from customers and is ready for an increase in his manufacturing pipeline. “We utilize a fully certified AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) production facility and we continuously seek ways to increase our manufacturing efficiencies. The facility we use is capable of handling the consumer demand and we are looking for a growth pattern that will enable us to expand our current manufacturing capacity. Our goal is to target not only the consumer based aviation, marina, agricultural, and industrial markets, but to sell architects and engineers on the fact that this factory holds one of the most stringent steel manufacturing certifications that can be attained”.

Bergstrom notes that “By eliminating rolling components and parts that require grease found on other designs, we reduce the risk of having to constantly maintain the system. Not only did we have to make sure the system was low maintenance, we also had to make sure the design could withstand the most severe weather conditions, no matter where the door was applied. A hangar is only as good as the door that protects it. Now the market has been revolutionized. We met the challenge”. Bergstrom goes on to say, “Simply stated, the best hydraulic door ever designed is now available. We may not have the least expensive door on the market, but it certainly provides the best return on your investment. “

Currently AirSide has multiple hangar doors under contract and is taking orders for their manufacturing production line at the EAA OshKosh Air Venture show. They have a model door in full operation at booth 4100 and 4101. They also specialize in rolling door systems but are most enthusiastic about this technologically advanced door. The AirSide sales team will be showcasing this new design for the duration of the show in booth 4100 and 4101 located in Hangar D. Stop by their booth for more information.