Go Quiet, Go Smooth, Go Big with Schweiss Hydraulic Doors

Oct. 15, 2020

Doors, as you know, come in many sizes, shapes and styles. Schweiss has been in the business for over 40 years delivering its brand-name line of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors all over the world. Some of these custom-made doors are small, but then there are also BIG, BIG doors.

 A prime example of this is a 115 ft. wide x 23 ft. Schweiss custom-made hydraulic one-piece hangar door that was recently delivered for a new 150 ft. x 100 ft. hangar at the John Bell Williams Airport in Bolton, Mississippi for John’s 360° Coatings aircraft, marine and vehicle business. Two powerful hydraulic cylinders lift and secure the 37,472 lb. door in about five minutes. 

 Schweiss hydraulic doors are known worldwide for their superior construction. These doors come complete with their own self-supporting header and frame. The durable all steel frame comes with double or triple push tubes, faster opening speeds and bigger and better cylinders.

Spherical Bearings

 Because doorframes flex during operation, the hydraulic cylinders on each side of the doorway are connected to the doorframe and the building using spherical bearings to increase the longevity of the door. The spherical bearings accommodate the flexibility of the doorframe while at the same time allowing the cylinders to raise and lower the door without binding on the hydraulic cylinder pins and brackets — no other manufacturer offers this option.

Beefed Up Hinges with Grease Zerks

 Another plus is Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors come with beefed up wrap-around hinges with removable hinge pins and grease zerks on each hinge for easy lubrication eliminating the need to remove the top rubber weatherseal.

Compact Powerful Pump

 The Schweiss hydraulic power or pump unit is like no other. It comes from the factory fully assembled and ready to operate. Each unit comes pre-wired and factory tested, complete with a 24 V.A.C. control system and direct drive motor protected by an oil filter and complete with gauges. The power units are also available with a 12-volt remote operated battery back-up system or built-in tractor back-up fittings in case of a power outage.

Automatic Windpins

 Another new option is your door can have automatically engaging hydraulic wind pins making it no longer necessary to manually retract or engage the wind pins during operation of the door.

Decorative Designer Doors

  There are many choices of decorative door coverings that can be used to blend in. with adjacent walls. You may want to choose from glass, metal siding, decorative wood, translucent polycarbonate panels, decorative and custom windows and trim, vinyl siding, stucco, rock face material and more to make your door one of a kind with its own unique style. Schweiss hydraulic doors have been used at airports, hangar homes, farms, restaurants, stadiums, museums, RV garages commercial and industrial uses and more.

 Schweiss door aesthetics are one factor, but what really matters is quality of construction and door longevity with reliable efficient performance for decades to come.

 Let Schweiss Design team specialists help make sure your hydraulic or bifold door order will precisely fit your clear opening and be the best it can be. We’ll answer your questions and provide AutoCAD shop drawings, door weights, loadings, hinge locations, specs and fine details. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

  Architects, contractors and door owners look to Schweiss Designer Doors for structural integrity that provides security, ease and simplicity of operation with a nice clean look. As one architect commented: “If a world-class architect specifies Schweiss, it must be for a good reason!”

Build Your Own Door Kit

For those of you who are handy with a welder, Schweiss offers a Build Your Own Door (BYOD) kit. Schweiss Doors has designed a simple way for customers to build their own hydraulic doorframe without sacrificing the Schweiss quality and the unique design features.The (BYOD) Build Your Own Door Kit reduces delivery cost to the end-user, and can be easily installed.

 Benefits of building your own hydraulic one-piece door is not only rewarding but it can save you thousands of dollars. We have customers that start out with one door and soon after they are ordering their second and third doors.

Schweiss newly designed door software, extensive engineering and new “patent applied for” door components make the door kit possible. It’s now easy and simple for customers to manufacture the steel doorframe with these door components making the door kit user-friendly, thereby allowing hydraulic doors to be built in your own shop. The Schweiss design software provides all the necessary door specs, weights and forces and detailed information needed when designing your building structure for a hydraulic door!

Splice Connection System

Schweiss Doors is proud to announce the invention of its “New” hydraulic door Splice Connection system. Schweiss engineers came up with this one-of-a-kind Splice

Connection that allows the doors to be broken down, shipped and easily assembled at a fraction of the cost.

The highly engineered Splice Connection allows the installer to easily slide both hydraulic door sections together and secure corresponding splice plates with bolts. No welding is necessary, and the splice connection is literally self-aligning for quick field assembly.

 All Schweiss doors can easily be installed by the door owner or contractor with Schweiss easy to understand installation instructions. Schweiss personnel are only a phone call away to help you with other questions.

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