Sabanto Delivers Autonomous Tractor Units to Patrick Space Force Base

March 1, 2023
Sabanto Delivers Autonomous Tractor

Sabanto, Inc. recently delivered two autonomous tractor units to the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron at Patrick Space Force Base, Florida. These units will aid the grounds maintenance measures around the base. The technology allows one operator to supervise multiple tractors, addressing labor shortages and helping to alleviate a backlog of tasks.

“We are excited to provide our technology not only to the United States Air Force, but also to the United States Space Force,” said Eddie Brown, Sabanto’s Vice President of Government Products & Services. “Expanding our market within the Department of Defense represents a big step for Sabanto.”

Sabanto’s autonomous technology was recently installed on the supported Kubota M5 tractor platform and is being used to automate airfield mowing operations using Sabanto's state-of-the-art path planning technology.

“Automating our mowers will allow for the reallocation of labor hours to tackle other base priorities,” said Andrew C. Johnson, Captain, USAF. “By maximizing our labor hours, we will be able to complete more tasks in-house to support the space launch mission, our mission partners, and the base populace.”

“Sabanto is thankful for the opportunity to serve Patrick Space Force Base. We are looking forward to opportunities to advance Sabanto’s technology to better support our military partners,” said Cory Spaetti, Sabanto’s Vice President of Product.

Sabanto has proven, through extensive field testing, its ability to automate a variety of field operations over significant acres, leveraging a fleet of smaller 60 and 90 horsepower tractors. The company’s advanced software has also been pivotal in deploying multiple systems for multiple days of non-stop operation.