I Dunno!

July 17, 2019

How in the world can anybody figure out what the airport of the future will look like?

We are on the edge of great changes, but who can predict what changes and when they will come?

Will taxis leave the ground and fly with no pilots aboard? How will that change airport parking lots? Will personally owned/operated vehicles decrease so much that huge airport parking lots will be unnecessary?

Will Uber/Lyft fly passengers to the gates to catch their flights? If so, will that lower the need for restaurants and other retail shops?

Will supersonic airplanes become the norm? Will the big bang of breaking the sound barrier be eliminated? Or will SSTs be usable only over oceans? (BTW, don’t trust me on this subject. I was dead wrong in my predictions for the first batch of SSTs.)

When will the Boeing 737 Max fly again? What will aircraft of the future be like? 

Will new techniques make it easier, faster, and cheaper for TSA to check out pax?

How will airports change? I dunno.

How fast will things change? Who knows? How will airport management cope with an unknown future?

I dunno. Does anyone?

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