Well, I’ll Be Damned!

Feb. 20, 2019

Well, I’ll Be Damned!

A Chicago mayoral candidate is pushing for the reopening of Meigs Field Airport. How many of us remember when then-mayor Richard Daley had the airport plowed up in the middle of the night?

As I remember it, Daley wanted to get rid of Meigs—many disagreed. There was no agreement on this and no warning. “Da Mayor” just ordered it done.

I remember being furious about it. I’m still mad about it. I’ve always thought less of Chicago for letting him get away with it.

I have never understood Chicago politics and have often wondered if anyone else does. I don’t know the current candidate who wants to reopen Meigs, but I do like the idea.

Change of subject…

Airbus is dropping the A380 giant airliner. The A380 was meant to compete with—perhaps replace?—the Boeing 747, which motors on after 50 years in service.

Sales are down for the B-747, but I’ve read arguments saying it will be around for a while.

Good on you, Boeing!

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