Driverless Cars

Dec. 12, 2018

My late October blog cited BBC’s published report about the anticipated growth of Uber, Lyft, et al, and the decline of personally owned/driven cars. That produced a bunch of responses, many saying it would never happen, others saying bring it on!

Now this week came a report from NPR saying The Revolution Will Be Driverless. To read the print version, go to…

The NPR radio report was based on an interview with Samuel Schwartz—former NY cab driver and later NYC Traffic Commissioner—who wrote the book No One at the Wheel.

Schwartz says, “Autonomous cars are coming.” He also says they will be much safer, although they are not safer at the present time.

Both the BBC article and the NPR report indicate big changes for airports. I sincerely believe all of this will happen to some extent.

One more point—it has already started. One lady I talked with said that her son—who lives north of her home—drops his car of at her house and has Uber or Lyft pick him up for the 50-mile trip on to the airport.