Cabin Baggage Danger

June 13, 2018

As reported by Aviation Week & Space Technology, safety experts from the Royal Aeronautical Society advocate the use of lockable overhead stowage bins to discourage passengers from taking their carry-on luggage with them in the event of an aircraft evacuation.

One of the experts put it plainly, “The cabin baggage is probably the biggest risk impeding an evacuation…”

I—who tend to resist guvmint interference—agree wholeheartedly!

The experts studied videos of pax going for their baggage in a smoky cabin, in total disregard of pax (including children, of course) behind them.

This is disgusting and should be stopped, period. I believe the baggage doors should be locked, in spite of any inconvenience for me and other pax.

Furthermore, anyone who refuses to follow directions from the crew during an emergency should be charged with a crime and prosecuted ASAP.

Nobody’s baggage is worth more than another person’s life.

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