Uh Oh!

March 22, 2018

In this blog I have long complained of airline service while extolling the service of airports.

But let’s look at the big picture.

I have a survey group that travels airlines almost constantly: professional public speakers. I was part of that group for decades, but now am semi-retired.

I wrote a regular column for Airport Business magazine (it started as FBO magazine) for more than 30 years. My first column, in 1986, was written from an airline seat In Minneapolis, en route to Huntsville, AL. I mentioned that I had crossed the USA three times in that one month. I was worn out.

Today I talk to other retired professional speakers. “Retired” in this case often means they still make a few speeches for hire, but only if they can drive. They make it clear that they will not go back to an airport, lug in baggage, sign in, then trudge to faraway gates, and then repeat the process at the other end.

Folks, that is not good. My friends admit that they enjoy the services available at airports. They buy books, magazines, toiletries, food, electronics, and a variety of other things. They are good customers.

So one of their reasons for retiring is to avoid airline travel. Is this your fault? No, but it does cost you. You spend time and effort making your airport attractive, efficient, and, yes, comfortable.

Anything you can do to make the miseries—parking, walking (in the rain?) waiting, and other painful activities—will improve your business. Frequent flyers do pick some airports and avoid others.

Thanks for reading!