'The Day The Lights Went Out In Georgia'

Dec. 20, 2017

(The above title was posted on AVSIG by Ralph Jones. I love it!)

Let me say up front that…

I don’t know squat about major power outages at airports. Neither does the public. But I will not rise en masse to scream and holler that, “This needs to be solved forever and we mean right now!”

My prediction record for the future has been less than perfect. Ergo, I probably should not make one more prediction. But I will.

We will see a huge uprising over this. “Backups need to be in place and trustworthy.” “How did this happen?” “I had no idea?” “We must do something.” “I’ll never ride on airlines again until this is totally solved!”

Fortunes will be spent. Excuses will be given. Congress will get into the argument (as we all know, Congress is all-knowing about all things). Trump—Lord bless his cartoon brain—will wax eloquent (Not!).

I gotta admit that I was amazed also. It never dawned on me that such an outage could happen, particularly at the world’s busiest airport. I am in the dark (pun intended) too, just like the rest of the public. But, I do realize my ignorance.

I do not understand the problem, much less what can be done to avoid it in the future.

Will this prediction come true?

I dunno yet. But to borrow a well-known statement of uncertain origin:

“Jes’ you set back and wait!”