Global Loyalty — Helluva story!

Sept. 14, 2017

I received an e-mail from ICLP—an English company which has produced a survey indicating that airports can influence how long travelers remain in your airport and—this is the big idea—also influence how much they spend while there!

Surely this idea could greatly influence your bottom line big time.

One reason I’m excited about this survey is that for decades I was one of those frequent business travelers who got to the airport early and spent money. I loved a used book store at one airport, a drug store at another, the gift shop at yet another. My travel was strictly business, so I sometimes had to get a gift on the way home for Wife Gail’s birthday, or a gift for the kids on other occasions. I once bought a computer in northeast USA and lugged that damn thing on the airlines all the way to CA then back to AL (that was long before the now-current baggage fees).

I found it convenient—even necessary—to buy some things on the road. Some recreational travelers might also enjoy shopping at airports. Where else can you buy a “cuppa” from Starbucks, then buy a magazine, book, newspaper or over-the-counter cold medicine just a few steps away?

So many times I wished I could buy clothes at the airport—particularly the time my luggage stayed in Atlanta while I drove on to my destination. Unfortunately, my size/shape made that impossible.

Potentially, every airport could be like a shopping mall or specialty shop. And baby let the good times roll!

If you want more info on ICLP—and why wouldn’t you?—e-mail me at [email protected].