Engine Replacements B-52H!

March 15, 2017

The big boys of aircraft engines are planning to compete on upgraded and more efficient replacement engines for the B-52H, according to Aviation Week & Space Technology.

Lawd, y’all, the B-52H was first introduced in 1955! That makes it 62 years old today, for crying out loud.

Now hear this: They hope to keep using the B-52H past 2050, when the model will be 95 years old. To put that into perspective — 95 years ago today was 1922! Repeat, 1922. That was the year that — according to Wikipedia — the U.S. Navy commissioned its first aircraft carrier (a converted collier). Yet we are putting new engines on the B-52H!

Some might say this is ridiculous. OTOH, perhaps this illustrates how far ahead of the rest of the world we were when we introduced this amazing aircraft in 1955.

Time will tell, but, one thing’s for sure. I won’t be around in 2050 to see who was right!