2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Akanksha Sharma

Dec. 19, 2023
Akanksha Sharma Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Revenue Contracts Administrator 

Akanksha Sharma's role as the Revenue Contracts Administrator at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) places her at the forefront of revenue contract and procurement activities. Her ability to lead teams through the entire process—from conceptualization to implementation—has streamlined MWAA's operations. Colleagues and senior management recognize her as an expert who consistently demonstrates outstanding organizational and managerial skills.

"I have always enjoyed the dynamic nature of my job. Each project brings unique challenges, but with a common goal of providing excellent service to our passengers,” Sharma said.

Under her guidance, the Office of Revenue underwent a significant transformation with the establishment of a new procurement and record management process. This initiative involved digitizing and centralizing procurement data files, resulting in a 50% reduction in pre-award contract processing time.

She spearheaded the coordination of various procurement activities, including significant contracts such as Social Media Monitoring, New Marketing and Media Buys, Foreign Language, and major revenue-generating contracts like IAD Duty Free and Concessions Fee Manager.

Sharma's multifaceted approach extends to the development and distribution of MWAA's monthly newsletter. The newsletter, sent to 1.4 million email addresses each month, boasts an industry-leading open rate of over 35 percent.

Starting as an administrative coordinator in 2016, she displayed an eagerness to take on additional duties and training beyond her role. Her inclusion in the Professional Development program showcased her dedication and ability to excel in various revenue departments.

"I am very proud of the fact that at the Airports Authority, I’ve gradually worked my way up to my current position by wearing numerous hats,” Sharma said. “This has allowed me to gain valuable experience and perspective through involvement in a wide variety of critical projects, roles and responsibilities."

Her rapid progression—from administrative coordinator to Marketing Specialist and, ultimately, to Revenue Contracts Administrator—is a testament to her dedication and capability. Sharma manages the entire spectrum of pre- and post-award revenue contract administration functions, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of MWAA's operations.

Looking to the future, Sharma said, "Contracts in the aviation industry are often of high-stakes and significantly impact safety, customer service, performance, and profitability. I want to continue to be a key player and contribute towards creating well-defined passenger-centric strategies, innovation, and standardizing processes and procedures to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses who want to work with airports."