2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Brittany Morgan Esq.

Dec. 19, 2023
Brittany Morgan Esq., Rhode Island Airport Corporation Chief Legal Counsel & Chief of Staff

Brittany Morgan Esq., the Chief Legal Counsel & Chief of Staff at the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC), is described by her colleague, Iftikhar Ahmad, as "highly intelligent and loves the aviation and airport field. She is hardworking and has tremendous work ethics."

As part of the lead team, Morgan contributed to the completion of the strategic business plan for five general aviation airports, showcasing her strategic vision and ability to align organizational goals.

"Being part of the team that shaped the strategic business plan allowed me to combine legal insights with a broader perspective on airport management,” she said.

Morgan's professional journey over the last five years is marked by significant achievements. She played a pivotal role in shaping the minimum standards for RIAC's six airports, demonstrating her expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks.

"I am proud of the work we've done on minimum standards. It's a complex area, and achieving consensus on the standards that ensure safety and efficiency has been a rewarding challenge,” Morgan said.

Her legal prowess is evident in the successful resolution of important lawsuits, positively impacting the organization's operations. She said, "The legal aspect of airport management is intricate, and winning lawsuits that contribute to the success of our operations has been a career highlight for me."

Morgan said she is dedicated to the mission of connecting people through aviation.

"The airports that I support through my work at RIAC are my home airports. I am a lifelong Rhode Islander so there is an incredible sense of pride in growing and improving our airports,” she said.  

One of her proudest achievements is leading RIAC's COVID-19 response. Morgan worked diligently to ensure the safety of passengers and collaborated with the Governor's office to implement effective measures.

"Leading our COVID-19 response was a defining moment for me. It required a comprehensive approach, and I'm proud of the measures we implemented to ensure safety and maintain operational efficiency,” Morgan said. 

Morgan values being part of RIAC, describing it as an “incredibly supportive organization that takes pride in transforming airports for future generations.” She emphasizes the mentorship she receives from RIAC's President & CEO, highlighting the importance of supporting and mentoring young aviation professionals.

Morgan envisions making a lasting impact on her organization by contributing to its transformation and serving as a mentor to the next generation of aviation professionals.

“Aviation is not just a job for me; it's a passion. Building relationships in the industry allows me to contribute meaningfully to its growth and development,” she said.

Originally from Richmond, Rhode Island, she is an alumna of the University of Rhode Island (2014) and Roger Williams University School of Law (2017).