2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Lisa Dalpiaz

Dec. 19, 2023
Lisa Dalpiaz Akron-Canton Airport Vice President of Air Service & Business Development 

With a career marked by rapid advancement Lisa Dalpiaz has played a pivotal role in guiding CAK through challenges and fostering growth in the industry.

Reflecting on her journey, Dalpiaz said, "Every day is a learning experience. Whether I'm on the airfield with operations or meeting with a tenant, I always walk away with new information and understanding." This eagerness to learn and adapt has contributed to her ability to navigate complex challenges within the aviation sector.

Under her leadership as Akron-Canton Airport Vice President of Air Service & Business Development, CAK made many accomplishments including seat capacity down by 3% from pre-COVID levels. Her impact extends beyond CAK, with active participation in industry boards and committees, where she actively advocates for aviation policies and initiatives.

Dalpiaz shares her motivation for success in aviation, stating, "I appreciate and value the opportunity to make a positive impact on Northeast Ohio through air service and business development. Aviation plays such a critical role in the economic vitality of a region, so I take it very seriously that every seat and flight we have bolsters the success of our community."

One of her proudest achievements is the ACI-NA Marketing and Communications Award for the CAK Parent’s Tour.

"We introduced this new event to the airport world, allowing parents, grandparents, and caregivers the opportunity to experience the airport process ahead of their trip,” Dalpiaz said.

The initiative not only enhanced the passenger experience but also led to the identification of the need for the Sunflower Program, making travel more accessible for individuals with hidden disabilities.

Dalpiaz's commitment extends to legislative advocacy, education, and community engagement. As the President of the Ohio Aviation Association Board, she actively shapes aviation policy in the state, emphasizing diversity and new ideas. In her involvement with ACI-NA, she actively contributes to advancing marketing practices and addresses challenges faced by small airports.

When asked about the impact she wishes to have on CAK and the aviation industry, she said her goal is to help current tenants grow and facilitate projects that spur economic growth in the region. She expresses a desire to be a welcoming presence for new individuals entering the aviation industry, stating, "From educational outreach with students to offering advice for a new air service development professional, I hope I spark excitement and joy for aviation."

Dalpiaz is an alumna of Kent State University and has dedicated 9 years to the aviation industry.