2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Gary L. Trotta Jr., A.A.E.

Dec. 19, 2023
Gary L. Trotta Jr., A.A.E., Orlando Executive Airport – Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Assistant Vice President of Operations

Gary Trotta, the Assistant Vice President of ORL Operations at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL), is a standout leader in the aviation industry. His innovative problem-solving approach, unwavering commitment to excellence, and dedication to community engagement make him a perfect candidate for the prestigious 40 under 40.

Trotta said he encourages his team to think creatively and challenges the status quo to find inventive solutions. This approach has significantly improved airport operations at ORL, enhancing efficiency and the tenant experience.

"I encourage my team to think outside the box, leading to a culture of continuous improvement," he said.

Under Trotta's leadership, ORL has undergone a technological revolution. Embracing cutting-edge technologies like ADS-B aircraft tracking, web-based airport inspection platforms, and personnel scheduling systems, he has propelled ORL to the forefront of digital transformation in the aviation sector.

"Technology is vital in the ever-evolving aviation landscape," he said. "Our adoption of advanced technologies has improved our operations and positioned us as leaders in innovation."

Trotta is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment. He has implemented policies that promote equal opportunities, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and a stronger sense of unity within the workforce.

"Open communication and collaboration are the cornerstones of our success," he said. "Fostering a culture of feedback and openness has united our team, driving us towards our shared goals."

Beyond professional excellence, Trotta is dedicated to community engagement and corporate social responsibility. Under his guidance, ORL has initiated philanthropic endeavors, supporting local charities and community development programs. This active involvement has not only enhanced the airport's reputation but also established it as an integral part of the community.

“My main motivation to succeed in aviation is my passion for it. Not just the passion for aviation, but specifically for General Aviation (GA),” he said. “There is nothing like the freedom of being able to get in the airplane and fly where you want."

Hi commitment to professional growth is evident in his Accredited Airport Executive status with the American Association of Airport Executives, achieved in 2020. He completed his master's degree in project management in 2019 and is an instrument-rated and multi-engine private pilot.

"The professional achievement I am most proud of is becoming an Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.),” Trotta said. “Preparing for this achievement was extremely both humbling & rewarding. There are only slightly more than 500 Active Accredited Airport Executives in the country, which is a very special group to be a part of."

"The biggest impact I would love to have on the organization is contributing to making ORL the best GA airport in the world,” he continued. “If you put your mind to something, work hard, and have the right team, anything is possible."