2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Shermaine Freeman

Dec. 19, 2023
Shermaine Freeman, MPM, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Interim Airport Director

Shermaine Freeman, an innovative and analytical thinker, is rapidly making her mark in the aviation industry as an Interim Airport Director within the Business Services Division at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL).

"Aviation is such a dynamic and fast paced industry that has a multitude of avenues for career exploration,” Freeman said. “I am motivated by the ability to make an impact both locally and globally focusing on organizational structure and business strategy. I am always thinking of the resources needed for success to support and provide value to the organization’s vision."

Freeman's career is marked by her unique ability to drive enterprise operations with precision, efficiency, and confidence. Her expertise spans various areas, including project management, system implementation, data collection, database administration, strategic planning, and fiscal documentation preparation and oversight.

"I enjoy being a part of my organization for the plethora of opportunities for career development and advancement,” Freeman said. “The Department of Aviation encourages inclusion within the department to bridge generational gaps and allow for diverse collaboration. Being part of the decision-making process has been educational."

Her impact extends beyond her daily responsibilities as she serves as a mentor in the Airport Apprenticeship Program, where she guides her mentee in developing both professional and personal skills. She also offers ongoing coaching and mentorship to her colleagues, helping them advance in their careers.

Freeman's career trajectory is nothing short of impressive, with three promotions in a mere three-year span.

During her tenure at ATL, she played a pivotal role in creating a strategic approach for the development and structure of the newly established Business Services division. This involved centralizing roles, responsibilities, and functions to enhance performance and management. Freeman was instrumental in composing policies and procedures for efficient business functions. Her contributions also extended to providing innovative recommendations aligned with the airport's strategic pillars of people, purpose, and performance. Freeman's mastery of project management earned her the prestigious Masters of Distinction designation.

"I am most proud of my contribution as a project leader to manage the airport’s new enterprise-wide system implementation for airport maintenance management,” she said. “This solution will provide automation of work orders, inspections, and asset management around the airport to comply with federal regulations. This project has included executive leadership ‘buy in and support’, ‘keeping the tempo’ for full stakeholder engagement, and participation all while lending transparency, commitment, and implementing streamlined business practices for work order management."

"Over the next few years, I hope to be a change agent by leveraging technical resources through ideation and innovative approaches. This includes having a centric environment as a single source of truth for information flow and data management. As the world of technology develops, the aviation industry will always need to be on the forefront for progressive solutions."