Learning by Example

Feb. 14, 2023
Headshot Bill Baumann

The most consistent industry adage I have heard since joining the Airport Business community has been, “If you’ve seen one airport, you’ve seen one airport.”

I love the simplicity.

But while I appreciate that perspective, in reality, it is only part of the story. Isn’t it?

Airports are complex and sophisticated businesses that have unique sets of challenges serving the entire industry as well as their unique, local communities. There is a tremendous amount of learning that can be done by understanding what has worked well for others. There are lessons to be learned from ideas that didn’t work, too.

Best practices across the industry are developed by past experiences, present conditions and future outlooks. Often, these procedures can be applied to any airport regardless of various factors, including the size of an operation and geographic location.

For example, capital investment, security and the passenger experience are universal matters that require thoughtful approaches from all airport leaders. Those who address these areas well, set themselves up for more success.

What’s more, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in landside, terminal and airfield operations. Look at how sophisticated baggage handling systems and deicing procedures have become. Understanding the latest developments can be the difference between sustainable growth and being left behind.

At Airport Business, we know how important it is to fully grasp the strengths and weaknesses of the industry. To illustrate these topics, we will present research-based insights in every issue of 2023. The purpose of this new feature is to connect with you and your peers in order to shed light on the issues that matter most.

Identifying key trends and critical issues is one thing, but effectively addressing them is another. To assist your airport with the latter, you will also have the opportunity to learn from peer-to-peer insights and accomplishments in every issue.

We’ll speak with industry leaders in the field at major airports to better understand their challenges in our monthly Airport Profile. The Consultant Corner will generate discussions with the architects, engineers, designers and project managers leading this market into the future. We will also consistently showcase major airport improvement projects in the Project of the Month feature.

If there are specific topics that warrant our attention, a best practice that has yielded positive gains at your airport or a project that was accomplished thanks to teamwork among multiple stakeholders, we want to hear about it. We value your collaboration and invite you to contact me and the rest of our publication’s team at any time.

As travelers continue returning to the skies – and more importantly, to your airports – the industry is ripe with opportunity. We wish you success in the coming year and look forward to helping you reach new heights.