2022 Airport Business Projects of the Year

Feb. 17, 2022
Airports, planners, engineers, designers, contractors and suppliers are making dynamic change to the aviation industry.
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Airports are one of the most important cogs of their community. They connect residents with the world, they make commerce possible, and they open the minds of children by introducing them to the world of physics.

The Airport Business Projects of the Year is the recognition of some of the major improvements airports are undertaking and the visionary designers, planners and engineers making them a reality. It’s easy for the industry to get mired in issues facing the aviation as a whole. The Projects of the Year highlight what’s possible in the current environment and how everyone can pull together to make massive changes in their community.

For the third installment of this program, we honored six winners based on their work inside the fence, outside the fence and the buildings in between. The competition was stiff, with dozens of entries sent forth. Winners were chosen by Airport Business staff members based on innovation, vision, impact, collaboration and their abilities to overcome challenges.

Thanks for all those who entered and keep an eye out for the 2023 nominations! 

Listed according to category, the 2022 Airport Business Projects of the Year are: