2017 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Kate R. Webb

Nov. 3, 2017

Kate R. Webb
Age: 38
Concessions and Business Development Manager of Contracts and Proposals
Metropolitan Airports Commission, Minneapolis

  • Alma Mater: Troy University
  • What is your dream job? Sailboat Captain
  • What person has impacted your career the most? Although not in the aviation industry, my mentor and friend, Kristina Tecce. She saw and encouraged potential in me that I had not yet recognized. Sometimes having an outside perspective is what I need to see something that I normally do not.
  • If I could visit any airport in the world, it would be: Singapore's Changi Airport
  • If I could have dinner with anyone living or dead: Andy Griffith

Kate Webb is a key part of the MAC’s success in creating a new, vibrant and thriving concessions program at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Her role in the process impacts RFP bidders, the RFP review team, contract winners, tenants, and the design and build teams, as well as colleagues from every MAC department and, most importantly, the traveling public. Her thoroughness means the above-mentioned groups are well-prepared, receive clear direction, receive complete responses to inquiries, and are fully equipped with the information they need to submit a proposal, evaluate a contract, or design a unit to MAC standards.

Thanks to her exceptional organization skills, Webb was a driving factor in the success of the MAC’s 2015 Concessions Rebid project. The sheer amount of information received by the MAC or that needed to be communicated to a number of parties outside the MAC is almost unfathomable. Her knack for making the information accessible, searchable, understandable and digestible assisted MAC decision-makers in choosing the best proposals.

Webb’s contributions have helped the airport become an award-winning destination that is envied by its competitors, acclaimed by its partners -- including Delta Air Lines and the Transportation Security Admininstration -- and loved by its passengers. Through implementation of new policies and procedures, she helps ensure that contracts and proposals with MAC are reviewed and enforced consistently among all vendors and partners. Her attention to detail and perfectionist mental produce work product that matches or exceeds the standards of some of the largest law firms in Minnesota.

Interestingly enough, Webb’s favorite part of her job is the paperwork. “I seriously love creating and digging into contracts, certificates of insurance, policies, regulations and all the other boring details,” she said. “Paperwork is second only to the process; I enjoy watching requests for proposals go from draft documents to finished and successful businesses that delight guests and rake in positive tweets.”

A big challenge in Webb’s career is Infusing technology into the airport’s everyday processes. “I'm a strong advocate of technology, which makes work easier and more efficient. However, it can be difficult to convince colleagues that the temporary strain of learning a new tool or system is worth it in the long run,” she said. “I was one of the first people to test a new team editing solution at the request of our IT department and became an active cheerleader and user when the solution was implemented company wide. I'm always on the lookout for new technologies that can take our work to the next level.”

Airports are ever evolving and always exciting, which makes it a great industry to work in, said Webb. “Most travelers have no idea that it takes a small city of well-choreographed people to get them on their way each day,” she said. “It is amazing to me how it all comes together”

Webb’s best best piece of career advice? “Do more. Because of those two small words, I always try to deliver more than is expected,” she said.