Nanolumens Introduces Glassless Touch Screen Technology For Its Engage Series of LED Displays

July 18, 2017

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, June 9, 2017 — NanoLumens, award-winning creators of uniquely compelling interactive LED visualization solutions, today introduced true glassless touch screen technology as an available option on the ENGAGE Series of fine pixel pitch LED displays. According to NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope, touch-enabled NanoLumens ENGAGE displays have already been installed in a regional office of a leading Fortune 500 industrial conglomerate and on a Global 2,000 corporate campus in North America.

“The introduction of NanoLumens touch-enabled fine pixel pitch LED displays marks another advancement of the LED format,” Cope said today.  “NanoLumens continues to innovate in meaningful ways that are immediately embraced by our customers. Touch-enabled NanoLumens ENGAGE Series displays eliminate all of the disadvantages inherent in using front glass on the display.”

NanoLumens touch-enabled displays offer a true glassless solution that is also seamless, smooth, and front serviceable.  NanoLumens has been working on refining its touch technology for the last several years and, as a result, is able to simultaneously announce the availability of the technology and the fact that displays featuring the technology are already operational at customer locations.

According to Cope, the development of glassless touch-enabled fine pixel pitch LED displays further eliminates the need for antiquated LCD or projection-based solutions in a number of applications.  “It used to be extremely difficult to add interactive elements to LED displays, but recent technological breakthroughs have made it much more feasible, practical, and affordable,” he asserted. “Our touch technology is fully integrated onto the display itself and gives our customers the true touch experience they are looking for.”

NanoLumens’ touch panel solutions break through the barriers that previously existed with LED touch technology by doing away with the traditional glass frame or plastic screen that separated the display from the touch-enabled element, preventing the user from touching the actual display.

“All the new advancements in touch panel technology now allow for durable, high-quality, seamless solutions that can be utilized in all industries,” said Cope. “This is just the beginning of the integration of interactive elements into the LED display industry, and we are excited to see where it continues to go. NanoLumens has a history of innovation and early adoption when it comes to advancements in our displays, and this area will be no exception.”

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