2016 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Stephen Winkle

Nov. 10, 2016

Stephen Winkle
Age: 39
Airside Leasing Manager
Port of Portland

  • Alma Mater: Portland State University
  • Something people may not know about me: I have lived and worked overseas three times in Japan and Korea for 5 years.
  • Favorite book: Harry Potter with the kids
  • Favorite TV show: Loved X-files, now getting into the Stranger Things series.
  • Favorite movie: I never seem to get sick of classic adventure movies like the Indiana Jones series, Lawerence of Arabia.
  • Favorite hobby(s): Lately I have been enjoying challenging sporting events with friends. In the last two months I have ran an olympic triathalon, the Hood to Coast, the Long Beach Half Marathon, the Tough Mudder twice, a Rugged Maniac and a 5k with my family.

Three attributes define Stephen Winkle, according to his 40 Under 40 nominator: creative solution finder, diplomat and flexibility. “He is widely known for his tenacity and dedication to customer service. He has no fear of the unknown and is willing to jump into any situation, find and apply creative solutions, and lead customers to success.”

He has a long list of other experiences, including airline relations, lease management, aviation real estate, customer service and speaking fluent Japanese.

Winkle says there is an endless amount of things to learn in his job every day. “Most of my experience is working with major airlines and passenger terminal management, but I am now working on airside real estate management that includes cargo activity and business and GA aviation at both PDX and its reliever airport, Hillsboro . It's an all new learning opportunity for me,” he noted.

His airport career was launched after getting an internship at the Port of Portland while in college. “That was my gateway into the world of ports and aviation. It was my first professional job and it was a wonderful experience that I am thankful to have had,” said Winkle.

As for the future of airports, all Winkle sees is change, change and more change. “If I was guessing I would say we’ll see more self-service, smaller ticket lobbies, more and better common use, more blended holdroom and concessions, more web apps, self-bag drop, possibly less parking demand with self-driving cars and just about anything that drives more efficiency,” he said.

The aviation industry is so dynamic, said Winkle.

"I like being a part of making a great industry that so many people rely on better,” he said.

"I like being a part of making a great industry that so many people rely on better,” he said.