AirIT Unveils Its Air Beacon Enhanced Airport Passenger Experience Technology Solution

Sept. 16, 2014
When AirIT’s Air Beacon technology is coupled with robust mobile platforms, this new information, wayfinding, and retail functionality can be delivered seamlessly to the traveler on-the-go

 AirIT, the leading provider of innovative information technology products and services to the air transportation industry, introduced its Air Beacon airport technology solution at the Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) Annual Conference & Exhibition in Atlanta September 8-10, and will again debut the revolutionary technology at the Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global Conference in Las Vegas September 24-26.

The introduction of Beacon/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has provided the ability to drastically improve passenger information and wayfinding mobile delivery in airports. It also allows airports and concessionaires to partner cooperatively and deliver targeted food, beverage, and retail sales opportunities, increasing revenue and providing a better overall passenger experience.

When AirIT’s Air Beacon technology is coupled with robust mobile platforms, this new information, wayfinding, and retail functionality can be delivered seamlessly to the traveler on-the-go. Passengers will have the ability to easily configure the mobile application to ensure that they only receive the information and services that they request or desire.

Current beacon technology allows the AirIT solution to provide general positioning and mapping inside the airport. This information can then be utilized to provide personalized, position-focused information. The system will generate point-to-point wayfinding anywhere at the airport, allowing passengers to easily navigate their way from their arrival in parking facilities all the way to their departure gates, and anywhere in between. Additionally, this solution will be capable of directing passengers to their favorite food, beverage, and retail options along their route, and if they choose to receive them, deliver coupons and purchase incentives directly to their smart devices in real-time.

The AirIT solution also supports passive flight information display functionality. A passenger has the ability to pre-select their departure flight inside the mobile application. Once this selection is made, the system will support automatic highlighting of the passenger’s flight information and display associated mapping on airport FIDS monitors. This will all happen passively when a passenger passes near special managed information displays located at various locations within the airport.

AirIT’s CEO, Betros Wakim states, “AirIT provides another innovative and disruptive technology that we are very proud off. The Air Beacon solution represents another milestone in AirIT’s ongoing development of revolutionary next generation airport technology. The beauty of the solution is that beacon technology at its core, is inexpensive, easy to deploy, and very manageable for airports to own. For these reasons, it’s important to keep this technology attainable and accessible, without the need for cumbersome industry-driven registries. Only free and open access to beacon technology will continue to spur collaboration and innovation.”

About AirIT

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