Flightcom Releases New Generation of Wireless Ground Support Communication Systems

Nov. 28, 2011
Advanced Wireless Technology Prevents Accidents and Saves Lives on the Aviation Ramp.

November 15, 2011, Portland, OR – Flightcom, a leader in innovative team communication solutions for aviation environments, today announced the release of a new generation of its wireless ground support systems for commercial aviation designed to reduce accidents, increase safety and improve efficiency during aircraft ground pushback, towing, de-icing and maintenance operations. Flightcom wireless systems are already being deployed at more than 50 airports.

“Flightcom offers the most advanced team communication systems in the industry and we’ve designed them to significantly reduce the billions of dollars in costs airlines incur each year from an estimated one accident and nine injuries per 1,000 departures,” Executive Vice President Reed Stager said. “In addition to preventing accidents and increasing safety, Flightcom’s wireless systems also increase communication effectiveness for ground ops, turning planes faster and leading to more on-time departures.”

Flightcom wireless ground support systems deliver full-duplex hands-free continuous communication combined with 26dB hearing protection. Flightcom’s newest wireless ground support headsets use DECT6 technology for encrypted voice transmission, with up to 1600 foot range and almost 30 times the wireless coverage area versus Bluetooth. DECT6 operates on a licensed 1.9GHz frequency, keeping communication free of interference from other electronics that operate in the 2.4GHz Bluetooth band. Flightcom’s newest headsets also offer 24-hour battery life with a two-hour recharge, radio push-to-talk capability, selectable microphone squelch levels and breakthroughs in extended wear comfort. 

During pushback and aircraft towing, Flightcom’s system continuously connects one or more wing walkers with the tractor operator during aircraft movement, allowing the operator to concentrate on correct and efficient maneuvering while ensuring instant communication in the case of danger or a change in movement. The tractor operator wirelessly communicates with the aircraft pilot through a portable system, which also permits all team members to hear the pilot. Flightcom pushback systems incorporate an exclusive patent-pending Pilot Alert feature that protects against accidental taxi and takeoff with the portable system still connected to the aircraft.

Flightcom’s hands-free wireless system for de-icing operations is completely cable free and ensures continuous communication between the vehicle driver and the spray operator in the basket, giving the spray operator freedom of movement to focus on de-icing tasks. The system can be configured to support additional communication via mobile radio and can be further extended to support multiple de-icing crews working on the same aircraft.

In all configurations of Flightcom’s hands-free wireless communication systems, equipment movement can be constantly coordinated, which helps ensure the safety of ground personnel and aircraft while optimizing efficiency. Flightcom’s full duplex communication headsets continue to be completely wire-free, eliminating the risk of entanglement from headset or microphone cords. The Flightcom pushback system comes complete with a ramp transport case that incorporates a charging system and provides storage, protection and ease of transportation around the ramp.

About Flightcom

Flightcom supports hundreds of thousands of commercial and military flight crews and ground support personnel with headsets and intercoms that deliver clear communications, even under the most challenging circumstances. Our innovative solutions keep aviation and ground crews safe, effective, and productive during aircraft push-back, towing, deicing, and maintenance. Our systems offer full-duplex hands-free communication with a choice of wired or wireless noise-reduction headsets, general aviation headsets, and flight or wireless portable intercoms. We back our commercial systems with our exclusive ComCare Service Programs, which provide up to five years of extended protection and expedited customer care -- the longest in the industry. Flightcom is a division of Sonetics Corporation. Visit www.flightcom.net or call (800) 432-4342 for more information.

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