Explosions Rock Brussels Airport, Metro Station

March 22, 2016
The Associated Press is reporting at least 26 people are dead, and dozens more injured, in an apparent suicide bombing attack in Brussels, Belgium.

Update: The Guardian reports Belgian health minister Maggie De Block said there were 250 injured and 31 dead. There were 11 killed at Brussels airport and 20 at Maelbeek metro station. 

According to the report, Belgium has raised its terror threat level. Plans and trains have been diverted and people across Europe have been put on high alert.

Orlando International Airport Enhances Security

In response to the security events in Brussels, Belgium; Orlando International Airport (MCO) is enhancing all security measures. It is important to note however, there have been no threats or actions directed towards MCO so these changes are strictly out of an abundance of caution. The airport staff is vigilant in monitoring operations and security procedures.

Enhancements the public may notice include the increased visibility and presence of uniformed and non-uniformed security and police personnel throughout the terminal building. Orlando International Airport’s approach to security is multi-faceted and multi-layered so while the public may see some security changes the system is designed so that they will not see them all.

All 18,000 airport employees and all 108 thousand daily passengers are also reminded that they are a vital part and layer of the airport’s overall security effort so, “If You See Something, Say Something!”

Update 3: Delta Statement on Operations in Light of Incident in Brussels

ATLANTA, March 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) today issued the following update on the situation at Brussels Airport:
Following explosions reported this morning in the departures area of Brussels Airport in Belgium, the terminal was evacuated with local emergency services onsite. The Brussels Airport has announced that it will be closed through tomorrow, March 23.

"The thoughts and prayers of the entire Delta family are with the people of Brussels today," said Ed Bastian, incoming Delta CEO. "As part of running a global airline, our teams are in constant contact with authorities in Brussels and were able to immediately go into action this morning on behalf of our employees and customers. We're grateful to our employees in the operation who are supporting re-accommodations and diversions."
Delta's flight DL80, a Boeing 767-300ER with 151 passengers and 11 crew, from Atlanta to Brussels landed safely at the airport. Delta's flight DL42, a Boeing 767-300ER with 144 passengers and 11 crew, from New York to Brussels was diverted and landed at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport.
Delta is reaching out to with customers with flights booked to, from or through Brussels to reaccommodate their travel plans. A travel waiver has been put into place to assist customers with travel booked to, from or through Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS), Brussels, Belgium (BRU) and Paris, France (CDG) for rescheduling flights as necessary.

United Airlines Issues Additional Update Following the Tragedies in Brussels

United Airlines continues to offer its thoughts and prayers to the people of Belgium and others impacted by today’s tragedies and to reach out to affected employees. As the situation at the Brussels Zaventem International Airport continues to develop, the airline is offering customers ticketed on United flights to and from Brussels through Thursday additional flexibility to reschedule or change their itineraries.

The airline will waive change fees and any differences in fare for customers who choose to rebook their travel to Brussels through April 1, 2016, subject to the airport reopening and flights resuming.

Delaying Brussels travel or changing destinations

For customers who would like to postpone their travel plans to Brussels until after April 1, 2016, and for customers who wish to fly to a new destination, United will waive the change fee. A difference in fare may apply. Rescheduled travel needs to be completed within one year of the date when the original ticket was issued.
Customers ticketed on flights that are canceled may receive a refund to the original form of payment.

United will continue to update its travel waivers, with additional information available via united.com/travelwaivers. Customers can check the status of their flights and make travel changes on the United app or by visiting united.com.

United operations

United is canceling its two flights scheduled to depart for Brussels this evening – UA950 from Washington Dulles International Airport and UA999 from Newark Liberty International Airport. The airline also is canceling its scheduled departures from Brussels tomorrow to Washington (UA951) and Newark (UA998).

This morning, UA950, which departed Washington on Monday evening, landed safely in Brussels and arrived at the gate at 7:02 a.m. local time. UA999, which departed Newark on Monday evening, also landed safely in Brussels, its intended destination. The aircraft parked away from the terminal, where customers and crew deplaned and were transported by bus to the terminal building.

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