United Airlines Jet Slides off Taxiway at Spokane International

Jan. 5, 2016
Due to conditions caused by freezing rain, the plane slid off the taxiway.

As originally reported on New York Times, Spokane International Airport in Spokane, WA, was temporarily closed Tuesday morning after a United Airlines plane slid off the taxiway. Freezing rain caused a United Airlines 737 to slide off an icy taxiway. Officials closed the airport to ensure adequate braking conditions had been established.

No injuries were reported.

Spokane International Airport spokesman Todd Woodard says the slide happened about 6 a.m. Tuesday as the Denver-bound plane was moving on the taxiway. Officials say the front wheels of the plane slid off the taxiway.

Flight operations were closed for more than two hours at the airport.

The 166 passengers were off-loaded through a rear door of the aircraft.