2012 Top 40: Christopher A. Rozansky

Aug. 21, 2012

Christopher A. Rozansky

Airport Administrator

Venice Municipal Airport

Date of Birth: 4-7-78

Years in Aviation: 12

Before applying for an internship at the recommendation of a flight instructor, Rozansky never would have fathomed airport management even existed. However, building hours towards a private pilot certificate quickly became less intriguing, and far more expensive, than the experience gained in this niche segment of aviation. Twelve years, five states, and seven airports later, Rozansky is even more enthusiastic about the opportunities and challenges airport management offers.

Rozansky was introduced to aviation through the Civil Air Patrol in middle school and often found himself at the airport. He enjoyed the sense of community within general aviation while providing line services at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport. Rozansky was fortunate to be mentored by dedicated professionals through internships at Trenton-Mercer County Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Port Columbus International Airport, and Bolton Field. After graduating from Ohio State University in 2003, Rozansky was offered an operations position at Collin County Regional Airport which later evolved into assisting the airport director with the development of a $70 million capital improvement program.

Serving as administrator of the Venice Municipal Airport since October 2010, Rozansky is striving to implement runway safety and community compatibility improvements while building upon the airport's various non-aeronautical uses. Some managers may jest that their job can be like a circus, but the airport actually has a circus in addition to a trapeze school, beachfront restaurant, golf course, and mobile home park. Despite the rigorous workload that comes with the stewardship of this diverse facility bound by nearly 400 leases, Rozansky enjoys the beauty of Florida’s gulf coast and appreciates the tightly-knit network of aviation professionals throughout the state.