2012 Top 40: Lindsey McFarren

Aug. 21, 2012

Lindsey McFarren


McFarren Aviation Consulting

Date of Birth: 10-8-79

Years in Aviation: 11

Lindsey McFarren is an industry-recognized expert in GA regulations, safety, and security. She founded McFarren Aviation Consulting (MAC) in 2009. Lindsey began her career as a certified flight instructor (CFI) before opening her own flight training facility in northeast Ohio. She then worked for a large fractional ownership provider in Ohio while finishing her Master of Aeronautical Science degree at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).

McFarren moved to Washington, DC, following graduation from ERAU to join the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) as Manager of Regulatory Affairs. While at NATA, she became an industry expert on part 135 charter regulations and specialized in a broad range of general aviation and charter regulations and issues, including TSA security programs, safety management and assessments, fuel fraud and tax matters, air ambulance/emergency medical services regulations (EMS), and Part 135 / Part 142 training programs. She was also the first Director of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, guiding the organization’s first year.

McFarren then joined the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as the Assistant General Manager of General Aviation Programs. After TSA, Lindsey joined a large aviation consulting firm where she conducted safety and security assessments for GA operators, FBOs, and airports. She is accredited as an International Business Aviation Council International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) auditor, an Air Charter Safety Foundation Industry Audit Standard (IAS) auditor, and a National Air Transportation Association Ground Audit Standard auditor.