2012 Top 40: Sean M. Bogart

Aug. 21, 2012

Sean M. Bogart

Project Architect 

Gresham, Smith and Partners

Date of Birth: 6-16-74

Years in Aviation: 13


Sean Bogart has 13 years of architectural design experience related to the development of medium to large-scale aviation projects. He is focused on design and planning efforts related to creating and improving domestic and international airport facilities, and has served as project manager or project architect on projects totaling more than $300 million in construction costs. 

Among his most noteworthy projects are those related to baggage handling and passenger screening updates that have continued to evolve following 9/11. Additionally, he stays abreast of how the latest technology advances can be incorporated to create efficiencies and amenities for passengers while supporting improved operations and positively impacting a client’s bottom line. Client satisfaction speaks for itself as the firm has been awarded contracts for repeat work at numerous airports for which he has served as project manager.

At Reno-Tahoe International (RNO) Sean helped create a design solution that moved oversized lobby-based baggage screening machines to the back of house, eliminated a two-step check-in process, and improved the overall passenger experience. The $63 million project utilized a non-traditional approach to design and construction which called for a temporary lobby and baggage screening area outside of the terminal to be constructed which helped shave roughly $7 million and 16-18 months of construction time off of the project. 

Sean’s creativity and ingenuity is currently at work on a project where the client had originally tabled a project because a viable solution could not be determined. Sean and team were able to develop a solution that would combine two security screening check points (SSCPs) into one central SSCP, expand the building, and relocate the existing food court while allowing the facility to remain fully operational throughout construction.