2012 Top 40: Joe Stringer

Aug. 21, 2012

Joe Stringer

Curriculum Development Manager


Date of Birth: 2-6-73

Years in Aviation: 7

Joe Stringer is the curriculum development manager for AviaEd/SSi. After graduating from Missouri State University with a Bachelor's degree, Mr. Stringer became a trainer in Arizona. It was here that his strong teaching style and his attention to course content soon earned him opportunities within the education industry. 

All told Mr. Stringer has more than a decade of experience in adult education and educational program development. He has taught at two colleges and a high school within the Phoenix area, and has supervised the development of wide variety of educational projects. He has evaluated student work, served as a scholastic advisor, and developed many volumes of curriculum for a variety of audiences. 

Stringer wields extensive experience in educational needs analysis, curriculum development, and adult learning theories. He is dedicated instructor and education industry professional and maintains only the highest educational standards. His expertise on course development and content structure has been recognized by many colleagues and industry professionals and his teaching style has won the respect of his students.

Today, Stringer has a direct role in determining the curriculum standards for both AviaEd and SSi. Within his role he is responsible for ensuring all training and educational content is precise and accurate with respects to all applicable FAA, TSA, ICAO, and DOT regulations. He maintains a high-level of involvement in each educational program offered through both companies.  Drawing from his experiences and accomplishments, his future goals within aviation are to ensure each employee improvement and regulatory training is not only robust with content but academically sound as well.