Cloud-Based Data Analysis Tool

CAPACG and AvConnect have developed a cloud-based flight data analysis tool that contributes to the next generation of GA safety and efficiency, delivering a detailed analysis of Garmin G1000 flight data for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. CAPACG's FlyteAnalytics, powered by AvConnect, will allow fleet operators of Garmin G1000 and other glass cockpit-equipped aircraft to employ proactive flight data monitoring programs without the added expense, weight, or downtime associated with installing lightweight aircraft recording systems (LARS);

CUPPS In Canada

Ultra Electronics, Airport Systems announces it has completed implementation of Canada’s first Common-Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS) at St. John’s International Airport (SJIAA). The system, UltraCUSE Enterprise, uses VMware technology and thin client devices at the desks to replace conventional PCs and is the first of its kind in Canada, serving 46 check-in and gate positions at the airport. Ultra’s technology is integrated with SJIAA’s existing virtualized server environment to enable the flexible provisioning of gates and check-in positions so they can be shared among the airlines;

Multi-Level Screening

Vanderlande Industries completes the first part of the baggage handling system for Edmonton International Airport (EIA) in Alberta, Canada. The system implements three levels of screening which is the first of its kind in Canada and successfully supports the new CATSA HBS initiatives. The new technology utilizes high speed CT EDS machines, a BAXORTER to buffer and sort bags to downstream destinations, automated BIWIS drop locations, and Vanderlande Industries’ low energy GREENVEYOR transport solution;

Radio Navigation Simulator 

Digital Aviation releases a new mobile flight simulator for radio navigation training on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch devices. Radio Navigation Simulator is a precision 2D Flight Simulator that enables pilots and students to practice, understand, and become proficient in the use and management of VOR, VOR-DME, and ADF instruments, all displayed with a directional gyro on a realistic flight panel. The Radio Navigation Simulator is flown in a synthetic flight environment with real world derived aeronautical data, using latitude and longitude mapping;

Remote Runway Surveillance 

Searidge Technologies announces it has been selected by National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) as its video partner for the evaluation of a customized Remote Runway Surveillance system at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). The Remote Runway Surveillance system is being evaluated to monitor the airport's most distant runway, located six kilometers from the central tower. Searidge will aim to provide air traffic controllers, currently using an out-the-window view, with a remote video system that will enable them to provide full surveillance and advisory services from the central tower at night;

SITA Baggage Report

The eighth annual SITA Baggage Report shows that 99.1 percent of checked baggage was delivered on time to the passenger during 2011. This is the highest rate of successful delivery since the report was first produced and represents a saving of $650 million to the air transport industry over 2010, says the company. SITA’s report shows that the mishandled rate has more than halved since 2007, down 52.4 percent from 18.88 bags per thousand passengers in 2007 to 8.99 bags per thousand last year;

Ultra-High Speed Baggage Scanner

Rapiscan Systems, Inc. announces its RTT (Real Time Tomography) baggage screening solution has become the first ultra-high speed system to pass the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) Standard 3 threat detection test. The RTT, designed to inspect checked baggage at airports, is capable of screening baggage at speeds of up to 1,800 bags an hour, which is significantly faster than the CT based hold baggage systems currently installed at airports, according to Rapiscan;

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