CAE 2012 Exhibitor Showcase

April 15, 2012


Rampmaster's patented Engine Management System features engine-contolled pump modules that reduce engine rpm, saving fuel and emissions. Features include: no more complex venturi or control valves to purchase or maintain; fuel economy up 40 percent; engine wear down 46 percent; and ability to save more than $8,700 on annual fuel purchases (based on $5/gallon);

Total Control Systems

The TCS 3000 electronic register is a fully integrated flow computer that controls all delivery operations. The open software architecture provides a tailored system that is expandable for future needs. The TCS 3000 features a color VGA screen, a backlit alpha-numeric keypad, and open printer interface for simple product deliveries. The product software provides flexibility of ticket format, preset, end of shift reports, calibration reports, and password protection;

Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy displayed its CorPower lithium electric conversion kits for gasoline and diesel GSE, featuring several advantages over diesel and gas powered equipment, including: Corvus lithium powered battery systems eliminate fuel consumption and are eligible for carbon credits; unlike lead acid counterparts, Corvus Energy powered GSE require no maintenance, come with 24/7 support, remote diagnostics, and have an eight year/20,000 hour battery warranty; the solution eradicates GHG emissions and improves air quality as there are no particle emissions, no noise pollution, and the battery is 99 percent recyclable; the batteries exceed all applicable standards, are contained in fully sealed cases, and have no flammable off-gassing;


The Line Chief Universal Fluid Servicing Unit provides clean-filtered fulid using only the amount required and can be easily mounted to almost any type of vehicle that has a 12-volt electrical system. In working with military partners, L-3 identified that the daily activity of replenishing numerous aircraft fluid systems was both time consuming and created other negative long-term effects to aircraft. Benefits of the Line Chief include: elimination of fluid contaminates; reduction in the replentishment process time; elimination of wasted, and detection of slow leaks;


The SITA Workbridge is a suite of mobile resource management solutions (RMS) for airports, airlines, and ground handling operators. Advantages include: optimized planning, rostering, and staff management for better utilization; increased operational efficiency and reduced administration overhead; automatic data capture, documentation, and tracking of work performed; and improved service levels and fewer delays, says the company. The RMS suite is both modular and scalable with modules available individually or as a fully integrated system;


TCR, headquarted at the Brussels Airport, is a provider of turnkey solutions in the field of GSE managment. TCR offers GSE rental services, operational leasing, and GSE repair, maintenance, and supply of pre-owned equipment. TCR's fleet management services are specifically designed to provide customers with the most flexible solution to suit their individual requirements and enable them to better concentrate on their core competence;

Lamb Fuels

Lamb Fuels provides recovery, transfer, filter, and storage of recovered fuels. The company purchases gasoline, diesals, biodiesals, ethanol, jet fuel, and Avgas. The minimum requirement for a service call is some 300-500 gallons of clean recovered reusable fuel (not stale or contaminated). According to the company, a fuel recovery program will maximize the quantity and quality of fuel recovered, improve efficiency and processing, and generate returns on the investment;


The new Garsite refueler test facility, located at the company's Kansas City manufacturing plant, includes an 18,000 gallon fuel storage installation connected to a computer-controlled, digital monitoring office. The test facility duplicates the in-the-field fueling functions of each unit, from Jet-A hydrant carts to 15,000 gallon refuelers. Upon completion of each refueler Garsite manufactures, a complete series of tests are applied to verify the performance and safety of each unit;

Sprung Instant Structures

Sprung offers high performance building solutions, such as the structure used to house 40 custom vehicles at the Denver International Airport (DIA). Sprung supplied more than 63,000 square feet of fully insulated structures with four 28-foot wide and 14-foot high rolling service doors. The clearspan design supports a drive-through direction for the large snow-removal vehicles at DIA. The design is relocatable and the project was completed in less than six months;