Aircraft Comparison Tool’s comparison tool has been expanded so not only can users compare specific make and model, users now may use it to compare aircraft across a specific platform. Not only can users compare side by side an equipment list, for example, of several Hawker 850XP’s, users will now be able to compare a specific Hawker 850XP to a Gulfstream G200 or Learjet 60XR at the same time. The tool enables the prospective buyer or agent to contrast an unlimited number of aircraft, save it for future use, or print a PDF; www.

Cargo Resource

American Airlines Cargo division launches Business Insights, an online resource offering market and industry information to shippers and freight forwarders seeking to grow their business. The site, online at, provides information on global, regional, and industry market opportunities based on the latest shipping and trade data. In addition to international market data and analysis, Business Insights also offers information on pressing cargo and supply chain issues of the day, through feature articles and a blog offering updates on cargo trends, topics, and breaking news.

Fleet Management

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) has implemented a web-based motor pool management technology to manage its fleet of airport vehicles. The move enabled the airport to cut the workload associated with vehicle management by more than 90 percent of efforts required previously of personnel, while still maintaining high levels of security. The announcement was made by Agile Access Control, Inc. (Agile), creator of Agile FleetCommander, the web-browser based fleet and motor pool management application now in place at SLC;

iPad App

Metro Aviation, Inc. announces an industry first iPad App now available to provide customers with a familiarization and training tool for installed equipment description, functionality, and operation, among other uses. The company plans to include the Eurocopter AS350, EC130, EC135, EC145, and EC145T2 as well as the EC155 model type helicopters as part of the new iPad Apps. Metro will also provide a secure link to proprietary information, updated and current systems descriptions, and user manuals as part of the offering from the company;

Mobile Website

Travelers can now access live travel information on-the-go at a new mobile website covering San Diego International Airport from any mobile device with Internet capabilities. San Diego International Airport is one of the first airports in the U.S. to launch a mobile website. Mobile device users will be automatically directed to the airport’s mobile site when visiting from their wireless gadget of choice. The mobile website is a specialized version of the airport’s traditional website, customized to provide the most relevant and in-demand information for travelers in an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate mobile format.

NextGen Technology

SITA announces that airlines in the United States can now avail of coast-to-coast coverage of the ICAO VHF Digital Link Mode 2 service (VDL Mode 2). This service will be required by the FAA NextGen Data Comm program and marks the completion of a significant upgrade to the SITA US aircraft communications network. The FAA NextGen Data Comm program will create one of the pillars of the NextGen system, alongside satellite-based ADS-B surveillance and GPS navigation. The program will enable domestic controllers to complement the existing voice radio with data links to pilots and aircraft flight management systems allowing more complex and flexible air traffic management;

Self Bag Tag

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport became the first airport in the U.S. to enable American Airlines customers to print their own tags for checked luggage as they use self check-in kiosks. After printing checked bag tags, passengers attach it to their luggage and take bags to the counter where they are scanned into the tracking system; bags are then placed on the luggage conveyors. American Airline officials noted the open layout of the Austin airport and efficient passenger flow as key contributors to the carrier’s decision for trial service in Austin;

Solar Wind Cone System

ADB Airfield Solutions introduces a new cost-effective LED Solar Wind Cone System (SWCS) that offers reduced maintenance cycles, easy installation and relocation, and a clean, renewable energy source with the lightest environmental footprint. ADB’s SWCS consists of either an L-806 or L-807 solar-powered wind cone (SWC) and a Solar Engine Power Supply (SEPS). The SWCS provides visual surface wind direction and velocity information to pilots in flight or on the ground. The SEPS incorporates the latest capabilities in solar technology, hardware, and software to provide power and control to the SWC, says the company;

Vehicle Tracking Solution

Era, a subsidiary of SRA International, Inc., announces that Finavia, Finland’s air navigation service provider (ANSP), has selected Era to supply 135 of its latest-generation Squid vehicle tracking units at the Helsinki Airport in Finland. The Squid units will support the airport’s advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS). Due to the amount of ground movements, Finavia sought vehicle tracking units that could best provide air traffic controllers with surface situational awareness to enhance the safety and efficiency of ground operations at the airport;